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Customer Feedback Survey

Crafting a useful customer survey is no easy task. There are so many potential questions you could be asking customers, but you have to be careful in your approach.One way the web has made collecting surveys easier is to let you test a longer, more traditional survey:

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Email and customer contact forms

Email is one of the most valuable ways to gather candid customer feedback. However, you can improve the way customers reach out to you via email and maximize this channel’s effectiveness — all of these changes will create better experience:

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Usability Tests

Usability testing requires more upfront planning, but delivers more insights than any of the methods listed here. It uncovers things customers sometimes don’t know they’re thinking about or struggling with, and usually provides you with a clear path to make the experience better.

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Exploratory customer interviews

Understanding your customers is often as easy as talking to them directly.This direct outreach can also help fill in the gaps that less personal forms of feedback tend to create. For instance, as Lars Lofgren highlights in The 5 Best Ways to Get Feedback from Your Customers:

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Instant feedback from your website

You can collect instant customer feedback without the customer having to answer any questions.For instance, we recently designated nine articles that we thought might be valuable to anyone who had questions after visiting a certain page on our website.

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On-site activity (via analytics)

What are your users telling you without telling you? Sometimes the best feedback is found when users are candidly using your product (and not being asked how they use it). To get a peek at these sorts of insights, you can turn to analytics that showcase how users are interacting with your site.

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Why Choose Us ?

Customer Feedback from RCC can be organized into three categories like observed,given and requested.At RCC, we use and collect customer feedback of doing business and help build great relationship with the customers.

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