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  • What are your service hours?

    We offer 24 x 7 service to our clients.

  • How many languages can you support?

    While our core business is the English speaking mass market in the United States, our complete staff is bilingual English-Spanish. We provide additional language capabilities in our Panama office including French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish & Portuguese, among others.

  • What is your contact center capacity?

    Our success with our clients (fueled by results and relationship) has kept us expanding.

  • Why is Data Verification Services good for your Business?

    Any business that aims to accomplish success and an apex level in its industry have to consider many aspects. Factors such as human resource, business model, marketing strategy, sales plan, and so on contribute their share to the success of a business. One such consideration is maintaining the quality and accuracy of data. If the data is corrupted at the initial stage i.e. at the time of data entry, then the subsequent process is automatically of no use to the business. So, it is imperative that you ensure a safe passage for data inflow & outflow in your business. For the same, various vendors are offering data verification services to the business. The objective of these service providers is to ensure that every data that enters the database of your company is precise and correct. Similar to customer service outsourcing, companies prefer delegating these services than assigning their own workforce to verify the authenticity of the data

    Experts have found via a survey that data decays at a uniform rate of 2.1 % every month. That’s data decay of 22.5 percent per annum. This happens because organizations change their employees and designations. Also, people unsubscribe from the emails they do not like, which further leads to data decay.

  • Are there any hidden cost?

    No, all inclusive

  • What are the different types of call centers?

    There are mainly two types of call centers :–
    a.) Inbound call centers – Inbound call centers are those which receive support or service calls from customers usually on a toll free number. For e.g. when you call up a bank to check the status of your request for credit card, it is an inbound call. b.) Outbound call centers – Outbound call centers are those in which the call center executives make calls to the customers. These calls are usually made to generate the leads or sales. For e.g. when you receive a call from a bank offering you a personal loan, it is an outbound call.