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Sales leads

Lead generation outsourcing isn’t “cheap”. However cost reduction is often the driving force behind the decision to hire lead generation agencies. We analyze your needs and then help to find a balance between quality and the desire for low costs.

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Business sales leads

“Control” of the lead generation operation is always a concern when outsourcing is considered. However, our professional agencies offer a wide array of features to provide the necessary control. These features include remote monitoring, remote training, onsite training, digital recording,

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Business to customer B2C

Worldwide Call Centers is in business precisely because there are numerous “rogue” or poor quality agencies in existence today. Our clients utilize our knowledge of the industry and our direct experience with call centers in the Worldwide Network to minimize and maximize their risk

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B2B lead generation

Many clients are concerned about the presence of strong accents when considering a lead generation call center located outside of their immediate geographical area (whether that is in “Memphis” or “Manila”). Professional agencies typically employ “Accent Neutralization” techniques

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Technology sales leads

outsourcing is basically work that is being performed by the most effective labor source available (whether that is in Omaha or Bangalore). Recent technological innovations have allowed for a much more efficient utilization of labor. This efficiency will enrich all of us in the long run.

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outbound lead generation

The easiest way to differentiate between inbound and outbound marketing methods is by thinking of them in terms that Seth Godin coined the late 90’s:
“Interruption marketing” (outbound marketing) is a strategy you’re more familiar with than you probably realize."

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Why Choose Us ?

Rcc has a lead generation program to integrate efficient methods to ensure effective lead generation. The lead generation process at RCC consists of the following: Our experienced lead generation executives will first understand the business objectives of your organization Based on the requirements of our customer, we will then create a comprehensive strategy and develop an accompanying scope document which will be focused on optimizing your business RCC capable team will then select the apt lead generation method to maximize your revenue and minimize your costs

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