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Live Operator TPV

At Rcc, our Live Operator TPV Service features the fastest pick-up times in the industry. When customers want to provide live interactions with ultimate flexibility, our Live Operator Answering Services are the clear choice for many reasons:Provides an Exceptional Customer Experience Superior Universal Language Coverage (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese,etc.).

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Automated IVR TPV

Our Automated IVR solution offers a low-cost alternative to a live voice agent while ensuring compliance with both FCC and State PUC Third Party Verification requirements. Our IVR systems feature intuitive scripting to automatically ensure the correct questions are asked. Our custom IVR solutions enable your customers to easily opt-out to a live agent at any time.

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Hybrid Live-IVR TPV

At Rcc, our Hybrid Live-IVR Interactive voice response solutions offer customers the best of both worlds: the ability to customize and optimize the advantages of the live operator interaction combined with the low cost of an automated Interactive Voice Response solution (IVR). Very few TPV service providers have the ability to offer this kind of hybrid capability.

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Customized Call Scripting

Our dedicated professionals will work with you to develop a protocol to follow when operators respond to your calls. Using your guidelines, we will ask callers the appropriate questions without creating confusion, so that fast, exacting confirmation can be obtained. Information is documented according to your specifications.

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Security Guaranteed

We are one of the few call centers to have complete ISO 27001 certification and PCI compliance, making us a secure asset to your business. You can rest assured that your customersÂ’ data is safe and sound, protected by the finest technology in the industry. We continuously upgrade our systems.

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Over-selling, although it may be done with good intentions, usually does more harm than good. Great salespeople know when to close the sale and when the customer is ready to buy.This occurs when a salesperson continues their sales pitch after the customer has already decided to purchase.

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Why Choose Us ?

Rent Call Center offers verification services in India which helps you ascertain the identity of the customer and authenticate their orders. Our Call Center Agents, trained especially for conducting TPV, probe the customer with penetrative questions. If any discrepancies are found, our Call Center Agents ask more incisively until veracity of their claims is determined. We can also audio record the conversation and provide it to you for any future evidential or forensic need.

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