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Contact Point Verification

We conduct Contact Point Verifications / Field Investigation with minimum possible turn around times. In addition to the stay confirmation the process also involves the assessment.

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Business Verification

Verification helps ensure the accuracy of your business information across Google. Verified businesses are twice as likely to be considered reputable by users.

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Residence Verification

Verify residence history directly from past landlords, and save time by having our call center fulfill your verification needs. Information from your application is verified,

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Calling Verification

Flash Call technology intercepts a verification phone call, allowing you to verify your users with no interaction required from the user.

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Adhar-Card Verification

Aadhaar or Unique Identity Number (UID) - the 12-digit identification number issued by the UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India

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Bank Verification

Instant access to financial data confirms the existence of an account and verifies the account balance in seconds

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Why Choose Us Verification Service ?

Rent Call Center offers verification services in India which helps you ascertain the identity of the customer and authenticate their orders. Our Call Center Agents, trained especially for conducting TPV, probe the customer with penetrative questions. If any discrepancies are found, our Call Center Agents ask more incisively until veracity of their claims is determined. We can also audio record the conversation and provide it to you for any future evidential or forensic need.

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